Heaven-Sent Rabbitry

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Welcome,We are located in Selah,Washington.We buy , sell and trade rabbits and rabbitry supplies.Heaven-Sent Rabbitry was founded to provide people with a low-fat , low-cholesterol alternative to other meats already on the market within a competitive price-range as well.

Heaven-Sent Rabbitry is a meat rabbit farm.Because we are animal lovers , we also  sell  many of our rabbits as pets. We strive here to give our rabbits the best quality of life we can while they are with us. Our rabbits are in no way mistreated as we believe ultimately this contributes to their rapid growth and meat texture. 

We hope to soon offer rabbit meat FRESH from the farm the very day it is processed. We are currently working with the local health department to see how this goal will be best achieved. We intend to keep a log of the people who want FRESH rabbit meat and call them on the very day of slaughter. If you are interested in getting fresh rabbit meat , please do not hesitate to contact us , the list is already rather lengthy.