Heaven-Sent Rabbitry

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Farm Fresh Club

What exactly is the Farm Fresh Club you may ask? Its exactly access to almost EVERYTHING you would get at a grocery store! The difference is- its FARM FRESH!

We have access to vegatables as the season allows. These are fresh from the garden and not shipped hundreds of miles. They are homegrown and most are local. They dont contain all the growth hormones and preservatives that the food in the store has. We promote eating FARM FRESH items as much as you can , at least youll know what your eating.

We also have access to beef , pork , poultry , and of course -RABBIT!

We have a U-PICK garden in Selah that is always a fun event for the family and members are welcome to pick their own veggies! Sometimes they are more fun to eat if you get to help pick them!

You arent actually buying food...you are paying for membership. We use the membership money to purchase the produce and then distribute it! The membership monies also purchase the animal. Therefore the member pays for the LIVE animal! We just assist with processing for you. ( LEGALLY we cant sell you meat that hasnt been inspected so we sell you the LIVE animal and process it as a 'favor' is all).

So, as a member youll get regular access to fresh produce and meats at a greatly discounted price. (example: rabbit fryers average $14.80/lb...members of the Farm Fresh Club pay only $3.90/lb)-WHAT a GREAT savings!