Heaven-Sent Rabbitry

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We currently have 2 mini-rex does for sale and are ready to breed. The mini-rex makes a great pet and are very affectionate. If interested please call 509-424-1014

We are offering raw rabbit meat for sale for your pets at this time. Rabbit is a very hypoallergenic meat and can help animals food and other intolerances to other meats.Rabbit is also helpful to animals with dry , flaky skin. A good raw diet resembles a natural diet for the carnivores in your life. Raw rabbit meat is gaining its interest by people with service animals and people who show their animals in contests.We are not offering this as a 'COMPLETE DIET' for your pets because of the red tape and regulations at this time to enable us to do so. We ARE however offering it as a 'BASE INGREDIENT' for those who wish to make their own pet food.Our pet food does NOT include guts , bones,head or feet.