Heaven-Sent Rabbitry

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HEAD FLAT ON THE FLOOR-"pet me now!" ...or it can mean fear if whole body is pressed to the floor.

KICKING-"Im upset and disgusted with you"  they will flip out their back legs as they hop away from you.

GROWLING/GRUNT/BARK- "Im very upset and might get aggressive" be very cautious handling the bunny at this point.Move very slowly and gentle.

LICKING-"I love you and Im bonding with you"

THUMP BACK FEET- "Im angry or alarmed"

CHINNING OBJECTS-"Im marking my territory like cats do and if you move the furniture Ill do it all over again"

SCREAM-"ouch...Im hurt or scared"

EARS BACK- 'Im stressed out , please be gentle"

EARS FORWARD-"Im alert and curious"...could also be alarmed

BINKY-this is when the rabbit is joyful and ready to play...the rabbit will hop up and twist in the air sideways and continue running.

STANDING-rabbits are trying to get a better look of things going on around them...they are very curious.

WARNING: ALWAYS be sure you dont have electrical cords around when your rabbit is loose in the house...they will chew them up!! Be sure to supervise your bunny well when he/she is in the house.