Heaven-Sent Rabbitry

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A) ALL rabbits are sold with a health gaurantee that covers things such as SNUFFLES and MITES. We only sell clean and disease-free bunnies.

B) Please be aware that diarrhea in times of stress is not uncommon.However; any signs of diarrhea MUST be reported back to us immediately otherwise we will not gaurantee the animal.

C) ALL rabbits sold as 'pets only' are to only be used for pet purposes-meaning they arent to be 'shown' or bred. Rabbits that we deem 'pet only' have some kind of trait that makes them undesirable for the show table or a breeding program.

D) If you buy a bunny from us and cant keep it-PLEASE bring it back. We accept surrendered rabbits WITH CAGING-if you don't want the bunny, you don't need the age.This allows us to take in all the bunnies we can.Pet bunnies are PET BUNNIES...they do not go on the dinner table.

E) Our rabbitry is safe and secure and only allow entrance to the rabbit yard by appointment.If you come to visit please keep loud noises to a minimal...and DON'T touch the bunnies!DO NOT BRING OTHER PETS WITH YOU OR YOU WILL BE TURNED AROUND!

F) We only accept CASH in person when you buy a rabbit and you MUST have a carrier with you.

G)If we feel it is in the best interest of the animal, we reserve the right to deny/refuse any sale of any of our animals at any time.